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Myanmar Koordinationsgruppe (2216)


Now the refugees in Thai military based (around 18,000-22,000 people) were voluntarily repatriated from Thailand to Myawaddy, Burma. The repatriation started since yesterday (9 November). However, there were around 500 people left in the shelter that day. This group of people have residence in Myawaddy town, where the fight between DKBA and SPDC troops fought and some government offices were burned out. They were concerned of their own safty and would like to stay longer in Thailand to make sure it' s safe for them to return home. The Thai authorities, therefore, allowed them to reside in the military base for one more day. Early morning of today (10 November), this group were also sent back to Myawaddy. This makes the military based finally empty. There are reports from sources in Maesot that there are groups of refugees (around 1800 people in total) ,who have left the shelther yesterday (9 November), have walked back to Thai territory in the evening of the very same day. Now, they are staying in temples and schools along the border. Thai authorities, Red Cross as well as MS based organizations are taking care of them.

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